Pro 3D Printer

Ready for today, built for tomorrow.

3D printing in dentistry is much more than just a new technology: it has the potential to control costs, improve flexibility, and expand the scope of patient care. To deliver on this potential, we made SprintRay Pro the most user-friendly, powerful and reliable desktop printer in dentistry. Because the technology in your office needs to solve problems, not create headaches.

Massive Print Volume

Enough throughput for the largest jobs in a compact, desktop form factor. Print up to 21 full arches in a single batch.

Lightning-fast Prints

Industry-first advances in projector, tank and resin technology. Triple the print speed compared to previous models.

Onboard Assistant

A built-in 6-core computer helps you to manage jobs, ensure successful prints, and calibrate SprintRay Pro.

Future Proof

Receive over-the-air updates that keep you current with the latest features. Send, queue and monitor print jobs wirelessly from anywhere.

The world’s most advanced desktop printer.

Engineered for digital dentistry.

Intensity, meet accuracy.

The custom projector used in SprintRay Pro delivers high-intensity light uniformly across the entire build surface.

Developed just for 3D printing, each projector’s output is checked at key points across the build surface for accuracy measured down to the individual pixel. It’s the only way to ensure a perfect, accurate print. Every single time.

405nm LED

2x Surface Area

With twice as much surface area as previous models, SprintRay Pro’s projector offers massive throughput.

3x Print Speed

Higher light intensity allows for faster curing, which means faster prints – up to three times faster than previous models.

Meticulous Detail

Uniform distribution of light, checked at key points on the platform, provides micron-level accuracy.

Breakthrough tech,
breakneck speed.

SprintRay introduces another key innovation with SprintRay’s proprietary STEM Tank™ technology. The STEM (Selectively Textured Elastomeric Membrane) Tank introduces air between the resin and tank floor to minimize adhesion, then uses elastic displacement to separate the print from the tank floor. The result is a dramatic improvement in speed with a reduced risk of failed prints.

60% More Capacity

60% greater tank capacity and volume estimates help ensure you never run out of resin.

The new standard for dental production

SprintRay Pro lets you make your own aligners, surgical guides, digital dentures, occlusal guards and more. SprintRay’s 3rd party resin support gives you the flexibility to take advantage of everything digital dentistry has to offer with a choice of popular resins and applications.

Up to 6x Faster

SprintRay Pro – Most items print at 2″ per hour

MoonRay S – 1″ per hour

Consumer SLA (Baseline)

21 Standing Full Arches

80 Minutes

8 Full Arches

30 Minutes

7 Standing with Supports

90 Minutes

Design and Engineering

Beauty meets brawn

Behind the aesthetic design lies a highly-advanced, durable printer backed by smart, intuitive software.


Advanced Electronics

An onboard computer and sophisticated sensors make it easier than ever to own a SprintRay printer. Touchscreen controls, smart circuitry, on-screen prompts, and contextual video instructions make learning curves a thing of the past. SprintRay Pro doesn’t just fit in your office; it’s an integral member of your team.

Onboard Computer

Your always-on printing expert guides you through the print process.

6-Core CPU with GPU

Productivity Boost

Powerful 5GHz wifi module for unmatched power and connectivity.

5GHz wi-fi Chipset


Smart thermal management of SprintRay Pro’s resin tank ensures optimal resin temperature.

IR and Ambient Sensors

Your new assistant.

The custom 7” touchscreen on SprintRay Pro manages your prints, resin levels, and calibration. It also provides contextual help and instructional videos, so that you can focus on printing instead of digging through support articles.

Automatic everything.

The new SprintRay Software is here, and it is on a mission to make digital dentistry more efficient. We’ve automated the process of turning intraoral scans into printable files and added other cool features so you can spend less time fiddling around with software and more time with your patients.

Repairs with Ai

Easily open intra-oral scans in our software, automatically add a base and print. Just like that, one of the most frustrating things about dental 3D printing is now a thing of the past.

Production, Managed

Create labels that are automatically added to your print’s supports. Managing large batches has never been so easy.

Direct Print

SprintRay Pro’s USB port makes printing easier than ever. Load a model and print directly from a flash drive, no computer required.

One more thing...

SprintRay Cloud Dashboard

SprintRay’s cloud connect feature provides status updates, email notification when a job is done, monthly reports on resin usage and printer up-time and recall of past jobs – all from any connected device.

Ready for today, built for tomorrow.

Ready for today, built for tomorrow.

Own the Future

SprintRay Pro is always connected, incredibly fast, and easy to use. With future-proof features like over-the-air updates and a 7” touchscreen, it’ll be on the cutting-edge for a generation. And with SprintRay’s incredible support staff, printing has never been so hassle-free.

Plug and Play

SprintRay Pro comes standard with everything you need to start printing, including a quick-start guide and tools to take you from digital model to finished product.